Scissor Carts

DC Powered Manual Scissor Carts

Tables provide unparalleled ergonomic support in lifting, palletizing, loading, and unloading applications. Carts are raised or lowered with either a 12V DC powered motor or a manual two-speed foot pump. Units roll smoothly with (2) rigid and (2) swivel 4″ x 2″ phenolic casters with brakes. Push handle is removable. Internal DC powered electric motor and 12V battery is included on DC units. Electric motor is rated at 1600 watts, 133 amps and 2.14HP. Includes battery charger. Push buttons to raise and lower lift are located on power unit. Detachable hand control on coil cord is standard. Key-operated ON/OFF control for better security is built into the power unit. Platform is equipped with perimeter pinch-point guard for OSHA compliance. On-board charger standard.