Wheel Chocks

Aluminum Wheel Chocks

Lightweight and easy to handle extruded aluminum chocks. Also available with a 36″ high handle and/or sign.

Molded Urethane Plastic Wheel Chocks

Railroad Car Chocks

These Rail Chocks fit most standard size rails. Double side flanges keep chock(s) on track. Four hardened steel spurs, located on the bottom side of the chock, are used to maximize a non-slip positive grip. Handle projection 36″. Handle height is 14″. The support legs on some models are used to balance the flag rail chocks and are adjustable up to 14″ in height. Aluminum “Chock Your Wheels” sign is visible from both sides. All welded steel construction provides for durability and long life. High-visibility safety yellow finish.

Rubber Wedges

Provides safety while stacking cylindrical objects
Smooth rubber extrusion reduces marring
Available in 4″, 6″, 12″ & 24″ lengths

Rubber Wheel Chocks

Constructed of reinforced rubber to provide a sure grip on virtually any surface. Curved surface contours to fit tires. Rubber resists tearing, abrasion, ozone weathering, etc. Functional design is durable in all weather conditions. The Airline Chock is suitable for small and large aircraft. Includes a 36″ polypropylene rope with handle and reflectors connected to chocks.

Steel Wheel Chocks

A) SWC-22 – Rugged all welded construction. Works in mud, sand or concrete.

B) MS-15 – Features grip slot for easy pick up and positioning.

C) SSC-17 – Slope design contours to truck wheel.

D) FAB-8 – Textured treadplate to provide maximum traction.

E) FAB-10 – Open face radius allows chock to be used with any size tire. Includes chain.

F) FAB-11 – Formed chock utilizes a saw tooth bottom for traction.

G) GWC-10 – Serrated steel chock, grate style;14″ Deep Including handle, galvanized finish, includes positioning handle with grip.

Wheel Chock Accessories

Chain and Hangers – Discourage theft and misplacement of wheel chocks, and facilitate safety in the dock area. 15 foot chain attaches to the hanger. Hanger is then secured to the dock wall. Chain
is fastened to the chock with cold shut.

Ergo-Handle – Ergonomically designed to make it easy to move wheel chocks in and out of position under trailer wheels. Reduce the risk of back, knee, and foot injuries. Factory installed only. Yellow powder coat finish. Not recommended with Urethane Wheel Chocks.

Wheel Chock Warning Signs – Warn truck drivers and dock workers to chock their wheels as required by law. Weather resistant. Bright red lettering provides high visibility. Sign has four mounting holes. Reflective sign is available for docks open at dawn and dusk. Signs and Vinyl
Sticker measure 11¾”W x 9¾”H.